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ICO NameNest Arcade
Start DateMarch 06, 2022
End DateMarch 06, 2022
2 years ago

## What Is Nest Arcade?

Nest Arcade is a P2E and NFT gaming platfrom built on Solana. Nest Arcade allows users to play dozens of simple P2E games with NFTS all in one place.

The mission is to become the primary ‘play to earn’ arcade on the blockchain. To allow Players around the world to profit playing mini-games through NFT's and crypto even without prior experience.

## $NEST Utility

**Staking**: Holders will be able to stake their $NEST tokens to earn an APY and unlock additional benefit's within Nest Arcade.

**Earnings**: Users will earn $NEST tokens while playing games and using Nest Arcade products.

**Purchases**: Users trade $NEST to purchase digital assets and NFTS on the Nest Marketplace.

**Rewards**: Users can earn $NEST through weekly platform rewards and bonuses along with other prizes, NFTS and more.

## **Nest Arcade NFTS**

Nest Arcade originated from an NFT collection of playable bird characters for a 'flappy bird' style P2E mini-game. [View the collection here](

Nest Arcade has some large plans for NFT launches in 2022 including Free Mints. All Nest Aracde NFTS will playable characters in one or more games and come with numerous benifits.

## What Makes NEST Arcade Unique?

**Nest Arcade's mission is to become the primary ‘play to earn’ arcade on the blockchain.** To allow players around the world to profit and earn playing mini-games through NFT’s and cryptocurrency even without prior experience. And to do this, we have 5 reasons:

1. **Scalability**: With every new game launched on the platfrom will bring a new audience of players. Nest is not niche specific.
2. **Ownership**: Players own all in-game assets from characters, items and more through NFTS.
3. **Rising Demand In Play To Earn Functionality**: Players are not financially rewarded for their effort, time and money spent in a game. Blockchain makes this possible.
4. **Game Variety**: Nest Arcades goal is to host hundreds of original and indie play to earn games. Making it the primary P2E platform on the blockchain.
5. **Convenience**: NFT gaming projects do not have a convenient platform to launch and host their P2E games or turn their NFT collection into playable characters. Nest is the perfect place to do so.

## Funding Rounds

Nest Arcade has closed both their seed and private rounds in 2021. Completing their raise of $2.9M to build the Nest Arcade platform and future developments.

**Nest Arcade has secured some incredible partners including:

Solanium Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, Red Swiss VC, AVG, Unilayer, DCI Capital, Fishdao, NetVrK, Evan Luthra, Vietunicorn, Orion Depp, OIG, Big Brain holdings, Moon Carl, Atesis Capital, Whitelist Ventures, Hawks, ChainStride, Oddiyana, Coin Muhendisi, Dreamboat Capital and many others.

## Where Can I Buy $NEST?

The $NEST token is not yet available for trading on any exchange or DEX, the token is set to launch near the first week of march, 2022 at $0.012 and trade on Raydium and other centralized exchanges.

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